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Peak and Gaisce

Peak Programme

The peak experience programme aims to realise the potential of each individual through the completion of a task oriented journey in the outdoors.

peak There are different versions of this programme available to suit your needs as a group. One option might include raft-building and orienteering with an emphasis on teambuilding. On the journey forests on the Galway-Mayo border are navigated and islands are visited where team challenges can be undertaken such as building a raft to cross a section of the lake, or designing a rope bridge to cross a river. Each group sleeps out for the night in the forest. The next day the journey continues with other interesting tasks. Peak finishes at the centre with showers, followed by tea and an overall review.

Also suitable for corporate groups or any group wishing to bond together using the outdoors as a medium.

peak philosophyPhilosophy of the Peak Programme 
The Petersburg Peak Experience Programme. Abraham Maslow established a theory of a heirarchy of needs which culminates in self actualisation. Self actualising people are far more likely than others to have a peak experience. Here at Petersburg we know of 'the high' that comes from adventure, personal achievement, or physical activity.

We feel that people can undergo a process of peak experience which will gain them access to the human journey to realise their full potential. We have developed a programme here at Petersburg which requires at least 3 days to complete. This programme involves a reviewing process to evaluate learning experiences. It has worked successfully and generated an unbelievable 'buzz' among staff and students alike.


Bronze and Silver Gaisce awards can be run from Petersburg Outdoor Education Centre. Choose between landbased packages or land and water based packages. A land and water package involves the group canoeing or kayaking part of the trip and then hiking for the remainder. The land based programme involves a two day hike. The programme always involves the group cooking at least one of their main meals. We encourage all groups to camp, however we also offer the option of staying indoors.

We provide:Tents and cooking utensils, canoes, kayaks, wetsuits, buoyancy aids, paddles, raingear, route planning and navigation classes and qualified staff

Turas Eachtra Amuigh Faoin Aer ( TEAFA Programme)

canoeing GalwayTuras Eachtra means adventurous journey in Irish and this is exactly what this involves. This journey comprises two phases crossing the lake using kayaks, Canadian canoes, sail boats or rowing boats (or a combination) depending on skill and ability of the group. The journey will continue over the hills with the group using maps and compass to navigate. The journey finish on a `high` with a rock climbing session including an abseil!

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